With more than 20 years of experience in the publishing and marketing industry, Farran Media has firsthand knowledge of the steps required to grow your audience and reach new and potential customers.

Farran Media, L.L.C. was founded by Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, in an effort to create interactive communities where dental professionals, manufacturers, and service providers can come together and share knowledge. The first offering from Farran Media, Dentaltown.com, began in 1999. Today, its online population is more than 250,000 dental professionals from around the world. It’s partner-publication, Dentaltown magazine, carries the voice of the online community to more than 120,000 dental professionals.

After that, Hygienetown.com and Orthotown.com were launched over the next ten years, with the second partner publication, Orthotown magazine. Then in 2014 Dr. Farran started his own podcast show, Dentistry Uncensored, which has become dentistry’s largest podcast with more than 1,200 episodes and over 5 million downloads.

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